Reading an article on the “D” programming language, I can across the TIOBE survey of the top 100 programming languages. This piqued my curiosity and I decided to see for myself.
I’m classifying my experience as one of 4 categories: Competent, Dabbler, Heard of it and huh? In the Top 20 languages, I fare as follows:
Competent: 6 (C, VB, C++, Python, C#, Pascal)
Dabbler: 4 (Java, PHP, Perl, Transact-SQL)
Heard of: 7 (Ruby, JavaScript, Delphi, COBOL, Lisp/Scheme, Lua, PL/SQL)
Huh?: 3 (D, SAS, ABAP)

In the top 100, I have 8 languages I am Competent in, 19 others I have dabbled in, 28 I am aware of. This leaves 45 languages I had never heard of before today. 3 of those are in the top 20.

Another way of looking at it is that I’m competent with languages used by 41% of people out there, but I have dabbled with 79% of used languages. If I became competent in Java & Ruby, I would bump my number to 64%. Hmmm…Maybe I should do like Eric Sink and do something in Java.

The unknown languages, while large in number, account for less than 5% of usage.

How do you stack up in the language demographics?