When we were last heard from, we felt stupor (or at least a lack of excitement) towards the embedded world. Speedplane provided some good examples of exciting products but his rebuke does not addresses the core issue I was trying to articulate. I talked about buzz, but maybe it would be more appropriate to talk about active communities.
Is there an embedded community, an embedded presence on the internet? I recently found the Agile Embedded yahoo group, which has some interesting discussions. However, I was hard pressed to find other relevant mailing lists.
I’m trying to provide content, but I must admit that sometimes I lack inspiration. I don’t know what to write about.
What are the readers of this blog interested in? Should I talk about:

  • Software Tools
  • Hardware Tools
  • Beginner overview: How to use an Oscilloscope, a voltmeter, etc…
  • Basic system debugging
  • Various Protocols: I2C, One-Wire, serial, etc…
  • Anecdotes from my time in the trenches
  • Review of various software tools similar to my Dynamic C rant
  • other things

Maybe I should go in an entirely different direction… One of the consequence of being an instructor is that I interact with a large number of embedded engineers. Is there interest in hearing from those students, maybe in the form of a podcast? Are you interested in hearing what other engineers are doing, some of their struggles and successes?