Sitting at a Restaurant in Stockholm, catching up on various blogs, I read Steve Pavlina’s 200 things I love about writing. This got me thinking about why I started this blog.

This blog is essentially an outlet for my need to express myself. As I suck at drawing and other art forms, I figured blogging about what I knew was a safe bet. And since there is little embedded content out there, I figure I’d get the lion’s share of readers (like that’s ever going to happen!).

This blog, ostensibly about programming (mostly embedded) is only a part of my list of interests. Jeff Atwood touched on the subject of Fractured Online Identities. While some (most?) of you might be interested in the embedded space, the intersection with my various other aspects (martial arts, teenager raiser, father, instructor, low country resident, expat Canadian, traveler, … ) tends to exponentially diminish the more areas you add. I don’t think anybody could really have a “whole me” blog with an audience bigger than self.

So, feeling a need to be chatty and finding a lack of content about embedded systems, I decided do something about it. Ergo this blog. Now if I could only be as consistent as Jeff, I’d be happy.