For a while at my previous employer, I was in charge of finding technical people we could hire. We had two types of positions to fill: programmers/engineers and testers. We were looking for experienced employees, but were willing to hire relatively junior employees (e.g. 1 to 2 years experience) with good potential.
Since we’re dealing with embedded systems that involve many bits of hardware and the occasional soldering iron and previous less than successful experiences, we felt that remote employee were not an option. If we were doing internet development, or even host based development that didn’t require bits of hardware, remote would have been an option. Bet as it was, we wanted our new employees to be local. Unfortunately, “Beaufort by the sea” is not a major metropolitan center.

Now, depending on your view point, Beaufort is really great, or really crummy…

  • Cost of living is much less than a major metropolitan area, but more than most of the areas in the state
  • Salary would be slightly less than what you would get as a post-bubble employee in some centers, much less than pre-bubble salary (I hear there are some people out there with those…) but typically much more than the median salary in South Carolina.
  • Beaufort is a smallish town, with not a lot of cultural diversity but not too far (1-2 hours) from bigger centers
  • Winters are warm (we had 80 deg. today), but summers are sweltering.
  • We are by the Atlantic Ocean, and you can actually swim for about 8 months, year round if you’re hearty but we have a risk of hurricane.

I was tasked with finding the potential employees, the boss was tasked with luring selling enticing extolling the virtues of both the company and the region.

It became a marketing exercise…

We were eventually successful in filling some positions, but the results were interesting. I’ll share them in my next post.