I have been in this industry for a long time. Not quite punch card long, but long enough to have experienced the Personal Computer revolution hands on. I have fond memories of typing programs out of magazines in a TRS-80 Model I in a small room at the High School. Larry O’Brien mentioned that he sold his first program at age 16. I must admit to feeling somewhat green with envy. However, on a recent family visit, I was reminded that I was also 15 when I did my first consulting gig. However, the best part is that my program is still in daily use! The original code is over 20 years old! of course, it has morphed and has been extended, but how many people can say that their code is still in use after 20 years? I definitely got a kick out of that.
What is this mysterious application? A veterinary practice manager. Keeps track of patients, immunization reminders, electronic record keeping & billings. All originally done in dBase III. It’s been by far my most successful project. All done in the span of 1 week, at the vet’s kitchen table, using what now is called agile methods. Hmm…I see now that it’s been downhill ever since! :-)
What is you oldest living program?