When on an island, one broken bridge = traffic nightmare.  That’s why I’m posting early!

Jonathan Kohl has a great reflection on post-agilism. What if you like Agile, but don’t care for the dogmatic zealotry? Well worth a read.

In the same vein, Simon Baker points out that the Agile Manifesto might need to be revisited. After 6 years, could it benefit from a revision? Simon points out that a certain vehemence was present in the defense of the manifesto. More dogmatic zealotry?

Udi Dahan spins a great tale of IT project management, user perception and job jeopardy…

Roy Osherove and Oren/Ayende are having a spirited discussion about Microsoft Team Foundation System vs. OSS tools.  It all started with Ayende saying he’s passionate about staying away from TFS. Roy pointed out while TFS source control is not the best, it provides a host of other benefits. Ayende: most of that is available with OSS tools, or not useful. Roy: Maintainability, Ease of Use, Learning Curve can be more significant that cost in an enterprise situation.  Ayende: TFS is just not my cup of tea…it kicks me out of the zone. Roy: goodness gracious man! Using VS.NET and Windows is guaranteed to kick you out of the zone!  This is like watching a tennis match!  But as Roy points out at the end of his last post, much merriment will flow at DevTeach!  I’m bummed I can’t be there!