I remember when I was 30…


Embedded in Cork has a good post on the basics of Technical Interviews. Please, do mind the “Can I work with this person?” question…on both sides!

Joel is now writing guest editorials for Inc. Let’s have him take on Donal Trump:The Apprentice: vs. The Interns! Actually, it’s been done…It’s called Aardvark’d! And it’s a dang good movie too!

Joel also points out that VBA for the Mac is going away. The interesting part is his take on how Microsoft will suffer because of it’s unwillingness to remain backwards compatible.

The Olympiad of Misguided Geeks Worse Than Failure (OMGWTF) contest has been launched. Let’s elevate bad coding to an art form. Via The Daily Grind

Adam Goucher points to the popular If Architects had to work like Web Designers article. While I sympathize and even feel the pain, the construction analogies are getting long in the tooth. I feel an article coming on…


Michael has a great post on figuring out what tests are worth automating. It Depends.