A day spent delivering training is a nice change of pace.


Don Wahlin has an good article on anonymous methods in C# (via The Daily Grind)

Mark Miller shows how to build a plug-in for CodeRush. Part 1 and Part 2. Really Cool stuff!

Simon Baker thinks that improving quality augments productivity. Sadly, I don’t see the industry embracing this view.


Scott Hanselman blogs about his new Verizon Fios service…fiber optic to the house. Is that drool on my keyboard?

Rob has a great interview with Lutz Mueller, creator of newLISP. I find LISP as a scripting language to be fascinating. I might just have to check it out!

Marc Jacobs writes a bit about Boo! A .NET Language. Worth reading simply for his take on which actors are the embodiement of your favorite language: Harrison Ford as C++, a stalwart, serious and leathered?!

Udi Dahan has a great series of posts on design. Domain Model Pattern, Object/Relational Mapping and Scalability, Lazy-Loading and Messaging, Dependency Injection and more. Definitely go take a peek!

Frederik Normen blogs about the Model View Presenter pattern and a possible TDD aproach to web design. First Post here, an update here.