I have a tendency to fall in love with specific technologies. Past recipients of my affection included C, C++ and Python. Eiffel’s software by contract did catch my eye. I had to share a room with REXX, but that went nowhere. And Perl and Tcl, well…that was more of a one night stand. I never had the opportunity to know Java, but maybe we can meet for lunch someday?
My latest tryst is with .NET. I am just taken with the ease of development, the powerful tools and approach one can easily use: VS 2005, N/MbUnit, NPerf, NCover, FxCop, JetBrain’s Resharper. The list goes on and on. There is a freedom found in .NET that sadly, I am not experiencing at work. Sure, I write the occasional small program in C#, but most of the work is in C or C++. I have to deal with header files and function declarations, no built-in support for refactoring. Like a jilted lover, I’m starting to feel resentment towards my old flame.
I long to be free of the shackles of my past, and embrace a future with .NET.

Of course, one of the issues associated with my passion for new technologies is that a pernicious mindset can take hold: every problem can be solved with the judicious application of duct tape. Or as the old adage goes: when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Does the world really need a .NET ModBus Protocol library?

Maybe I should look into language counseling…