When the net fails, revert to dead trees… DDJ in this case

Scott Ambler has an article about transitioning from developing an agile project to the delivery of the final project. What then?

Bertrand Meyer, the creator of the Eiffel language, has won the ACM Software System Award. He was a pioneer of the design-by-contract approach to object oriented programming. I still have his book “Object-Oriented Software Construction“.

Holy guacamole! My post on ageism got Larry O’Brien thinking which caused Mike Gunderloy to include that in The Daily Grind 1124. I guess I should do less aggregation and more angst-based posting?

Ryan Martens has an opinion piece in Dr. Dobbs about how the software industry has a massive impact on the environment, even though we think of ourselves as working in the digital world. I’m all for less CDs!

Udi Dahan has a podcast over at DDJ about how to structure .NET solutions and Components. Dang! Yet another interesting blog.
Ivar Jacobson has written a few articles for DDJ which points out that development processes should be replaced with Practices that are customized for your needs and level of experience. Part 1 and Part 2 are out. Part 3 will be next month. This appeals to my pragmatic side, but all these practices typically need some coaching…