A bit late, but still out.


Microsoft is giving away free Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition.  Simply attend a couple of Visual Basic virtual labs and submit an evaluation (via The Daily Grind)

Larry O’Brien reports that InfoWorld, the print magazine is no more.  It will be strictly online from now on. I believe Eric Sink predicted the demise of the developer magazine a year ago. While InfoWorld is not exactly a developer magazine, it’s close enough! I’m convinced Eric has a crystal ball stashed somewhere in his office!

If you’re into electronic gadgets and rely on Circuit City’s sales staff(?!) their latest cost cutting move might not sit well with you.

Adam Goucher has a post about Prince2, a different process model with built in testing of everything.

While I’m not personally into Web Services, Cory Foy has an interesting article about autogenerating Tests for Web Services using Visual Studio.

Brad Abrams posted a great video of Krzysztof Cwalina  (of Framework Design Guidelines fame).  The video is about great framework design.  It’s 3 hours(!) but I believe it would be worthwhile, as the FDG should be mandatory reading if you’re designing a framework.