A morning at the science fair…brings back memories


Scott Hanselman talks about putting a family data backup strategy in place. I have been lucky to not experience family data loss (work is something else…). I can easily imagine the devastation. Looks like mozy is something we’ll investigate.

This is old news, but MIT has made most of their courses available online via their Open CourseWare program. They have plan to make ALL their courses available by year end. Pretty incredible!

Greg Wilson has posts about the content of a new book coming out titled Beautiful Code.  It promises to be interesting! (via The Daily Grind)


If you’re looking to leave development and become a product manager (for example by applying to SourceGear’s PM opening), you might want to take a look at Jeff Nash’s blog: How to be a good product manager. It is full of goodness and insight.  Even if you don’t plan a career change, it might help you deal with your product manager.