Started early and finished late…


Interesting podcast on introducing a Lean-Agile process and how you should know the audience.


Catching up on my blog readings, I came across Michael’s Shampoo Testing entry where he dispenses good advice to tester who transitioned from waterfall to “agile”. While the article itself has good advice, pay attention to the links, as they point to more pearls of wisdom. I especially liked Testing for Developers. Keep in mind, just because you are a developer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about testing!


Joel is still looking for office space. His current problem: The building’s floor space is too large to accommodate offices with daylight. I’m sure plenty of employees have visions of a) not working in a cubicle farm or b) having an office with daylight?!

Chris Sells has a funny entry on how he ended up providing Vista technical support to a Joe on the street customer.  I find it refreshing that someone in the bowels of a large corporation (70,000 employees!) took 15 minutes to help someone even though it has nothing to do with their job.  For us small companies, it’s a matter of survival, but Big companies? Take note: THAT is customer service!

Eric Sink (from SourceGear) has a trip report from SD West.  And they are offering evil mastermind shirts and everlasting fame (in a Borg collective sort of way).