Of hackers and mere mortals…


Mary & Tom Poppendieck have an interview over at InfoQ about applying Lean manufacturing concepts to software development.

Maris Fogels brings up a potential parallel between software and subway lines.  When doing work with a large amount of uncertainty, civil engineering firms tend to use a cost-plus contract.  Software tends to be fixed-priced bids, even though there is a large amount of uncertainty.  Why not use cost-plus?

Scott Bellware is looking for .NET Developers at Dovetail in Austin. XP/Scrum, .NET 3.0, even Orcas! Man that looks like it would be fun!

Larry O’Brien has been hacked and he’s mad. If he is done in by a Rootkit, what hope do the rest of us have? :-(


JD Meier shows you how to structure your Team System Foundation Server. The problem we run into (which is not an issue with .NET languages) is where to put the C++ include files. This post is silent on the matter. (via Brad Abrams)

Brian Button has a nifty powershell script which will convert RTF files to text files (or any other format Word supports). Powershell is awesome!

A new blog by Jeff Brown, a fellow native of the Ottawa Region.  Jeff is heavily involved with MbUnit, but his blog promises to be wider ranging…”I’d love to eat Monads for breakfast but Haskell O’s and .Net Flakes go together like milk and orange juice (at least when consumed at the office)” (thanks to Andrew Stopford)