Long time readers (all 2 of you!) might bemoan the fact that there has not been a whole lot of technical content on this blog recently. Most entries seem to have been dominated by my ramblings on everything except embedded systems. This post will not unfortunately buck the trend. It seems that I spend all my technical capital at my day job, and there is no inspiration left to write about things embedded. :-(

If you are interested in Agile methodologies, go see James Shore’s Agile Book draft. He is soliciting feedback from the community. The book promises to be very interesting. It’s an O’Reilly so it has to be good! I can’t wait too see the colophon design!
We all know that Unit Testing is a good thing. Do yourself a favor, and check out Roy Osherove’s The Art of Unit Testing blog site. It’s a subset of his main blog related to the book he is writing and unit testing in general. Roy and Eli Lopian have an ongoing discussion about the merit of Testable Object Oriented Designs or the lack thereof. All I can say is that Eli has definite opinions! Yet another blog to add to my growing collection…

Lastly, here is an interesting blog entry by John Bruggeman, the VP of marketing at WindRiver. It looks like a minor fumble by Apple in regards to it’s online music service.  In a nutshell:  You can only buy online iTunes gift certificates for the country you live in.  Not international gift giving allowed!  Not a situation that 99% of iTunes customers will encounter, but the remaining 1% could be vocal… Whoever said “There is no such thing as bad publicity” certainly wasn’t talking about a market leader.