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Blame .NET Rocks Episode #211…Yet another blog to add to my growing list…Raymond Chen’s The Old New Thing is all about the win32 core API.  The man has been working in the guts of the windows operating system since early Windows 95.  Probably only interesting to those who like writing device drivers for fun :-)

Talking about .NET Rocks, don’t miss the 2/27 episode with Eric Sink…if you are interested in the business of software, Eric’s blog (and his book) is a must read. Dang, this weeks episode is with Steve McConnell…You did read Code Complete didn’t you? Too much good stuff, not enough time…

Thanks to the Daily Grind #1084, I just found out about SharpToolbox, a repository of over 1000 tools and libraries…all that yummy goodness awaits you…

There is always something new to learn, and if you have an enlightened employer, you should get some kind of training every year.  Here is a list of conferences you might be interested in.

Embedded System Conference – The only one dedicated specifically to embedded design.

Professional Developer Conference (PDC) – For microsoft technologies.  Lots of marketing stuff here. Also see the MSDN Events page for other goodness.
MiX – Another Microsoft conference, but this is geared to Web stuff
StarEast / StarWest – Software Testing Oriented conference.

No Fluff, Just Stuff – Java & Agile oriented conference. No marketing here! I just love the name!
Agile Conference – If you’re into agile development, this might be a good one.

If you think other conferences should be in this list, post a comment!

Jack Gansle has updated his salary survey for 2006. The original embedded engineer 2004 salary survey is still available. Go have a look and see how you stack up to the rest of the world.

I finally got power shell installed on my laptop. There is nothing quite like playing space invaders in the shell! In a sign of things to come, security is so tight by default, that you can’t run a powershell script. You actually have to generate security credentials. See Scott Hanselman’s post for details on how to sign scripts.  Long gone are the days of DOS batch files…