Joel Spolsky strikes again with a well timed article on customer service. While I don’t always agree with Joel’s take on things, this article will resonate anyone having had to deal with corporate customer disservice departments.

We use Fog Creek’s Copilot system and we are very happy with the results. For a measly monthly fee, you get the ability to remotely log into your customer’s computer and diagnose issues. This has saved both us and our customers tremendous amount of time.

As luck would have it, we had an incident last week where the service would not work at a “batten down the hatches, the internet virus hordes are coming, our users should not be able to do anything, especially not surf to hotmail” location. On the phone to Fog Creek’s tech support line we went, and while they could not fix it – good customer service is no talisman against IT policy gone awry – they were very pleasant.

Not 24 hours elapses where we experienced strangeness at a different site. Not fatal strangeness, merely inconvenient. Back on with Tech Support, they went and checked with the development team. I wonder if they went to the communal lunch table (as this was 12:15) to check things out.  Turns out, it was probably caused by a slow connection.  Restarting the session did solve the problem.  Not only did they point out a potential solution, but to compensate for my inconvenience, they did not count the hour+ I spent in my customer debugging session against our service.

Since I like their products, and we are looking to fill a vacancy, I thought I would give Joel’s job board a try. So far, I have been very satisfied with all their product, and unlike Dice and Monster, I know that the people looking at his job board did not just graduate from high school.  Besides, he offers a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If we don’t find anyone, it will end up not costing us a dime… Try to get that from the big boys.