I grok Linux, and ran a few servers in my time. I love reading GrokLaw (and despise SCO). But I’m a pragmatist, and since developing on Microsoft Windows is what pays the bills, that’s what I do. I even think windows is a cool platform.
I realize that Microsoft is everybody’s favorite whipping boy. Not all of it is deserved, but sometimes you have to wonder….

Windows Vista’s activation system sound like it’s nuts! Read The Skinny on Windows SPP and Reduced Functionality (via Larkware News). Add a new hard drive (or change your video card) and if you don’t heed the warnings to re-activate, you won’t be able to do much. Think of the fun when family members start calling the “tech support” nephew. “Yes uncle, you must find the shinny sticker on your box and enter those numbers”. On second thought, you’re going to be the one to enter those numbers, as uncle wouldn’t have the wherewithal to add a HDD. Hmm…Is this a conspiracy by “The Geek Squad” to drum up business?