In Am I Alone?, I was bemoaning the lack of blogs in the embedded space. Recently, I decided to search some more. Sadly, doing “embedded development blog” still returns few relevant results. Most of the results are related to Microsoft’s embedded development effort.

However, there are signs that things are improving! Here are a few blogs related to the embedded space.

WindRiver Blog Network – It provides interesting articles about their take on life. The entries I have seen are more marketing oriented than technical, but that’s ok! The more activity in the embedded space, the better! I am convinced the credit for WindRiver’s entry into the blogosphere goes entirely to Roy Osherove! I’m certain his blog entry prompted them to do something :-) Disclaimer: I was an employee of WRS a few years back, and do hold the company in high regards. They always did right by me.

EDN Blogs – The blogs of various EDN staffers about many topics close to the embedded designer’s heart. Robert Cravotta blogs about embedded processors, Warren Webb talks tools (a favourite of mine) among other things. Brian Dipert coverts technology in general and makes for an interesting read.

Developers.Net – Looks like an abandonned blog (I’m not casting stones! Look at me, a few pitiful entries in the last month!), but appears to have interesting content.

While not a blog, Jack Ganssle (a god, or at least a very tall figure in the embedded world) has a biweekly newsletter you can subscribe to. A visit to his site is a must. It has tons of great articles. It is a must be read if you are serious about embedded development.