I have been catching up on my ButUncleBob reading (do check it out, it’s full of good stuff, even if you’re not into Agile).  As I was navigating the site, I cam across James Grenning‘s comments.

His latest post comments on the lack of continuous learning (in the software development arena) on the part of embedded developers.  This caused me some pause.  Is it true?  Are we, as a group, not embracing advances in the software development arena? He quotes Jack Ganssle’s poll on the use of OOP and C++.  Concentrating on the 16 & 32-bit micros, it shows that 2/3 of designers don’t use any Object Oriented aspects of C++.  Over 15 years after the wide spread availability of compilers.

Looking back on my experience, when I was working on a large embedded C++ telecom project, back in the mid-90s, we were simply using it as a better C.  Sad to say, but it looked like I was one of the only designers interested in applying OO principles.  Here we had a language that allowed you to do things to improve the maintainability and architecture of your design, but no one was making use of it.  The one use they did make of inheritance was in a command hierarchy, which is so horrendous to contemplate that I have blocked it from my memory. One of the reasons I moved to a smaller project…

I guess things have not changed much in 10 years.