While I was at the beach, cogitating about my next blog entry to the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, something incredible happened!

Roy Osherove read my entry about the derth of embedded blogs, and found it interesting enough to write about (at 1 AM!).

This is like having Bono overhear one of you pithy line, stop, shake your hand and say “Good Point!”. Next thing you know, you tell your friends “He shook my hand! I’m never going to wash it!”. Clearly people will think you are strange.

The danger with being touched by a celebrity is that I won’t be able to get through the door of the office tomorrow (due to an inflated head)! As gratifying as this is, I must stay grounded and remember that I’m just a little guy.

Simply because I have 3 readers, clock in at a Technorati rank of 1,642,105 and don’t even show up on google, doesn’t mean I am “all that and a bag of chips”!
The question on my mind is this: How did you guys find me? I can’t even find myself!